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48 [Maeil Business News] As of 2018, the amount of carbon emitted by the cement industry in Korea totaled 34.1 million tons. 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-05-27
47 [Consultancy-me] Modular building techniques can transform construction lifecycle 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-04-30
46 [AZO BUILD] Modular Timber Construction: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-04-22
45 [WORLD CONSTRUCTION TODAY] AI in construction is redefining the way of doing business across the industry 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-04-12
44 [THE KOREA ECONOMIC DAILY] Hyundai Engineering, Trimble Solution to develop BIM - They will jointly develop BIM process management program for improved productivity in steel structure and PC construction 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-04-04
43 [Maeil Business News] LH Plans Public Lease Project in Sejong Expansion of modular supply by 2030 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-27
42 [Construction DIGITAL] Cement Industry key Target of $20bn US Decarbonisation Plan 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-27
41 [Maeil Business News] LH pushes for activation of OSC method...Korea's Largest Modular House to Be Built 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-27
40 [The Korea Times] Rebranding trend continues in construction industry amid market slump 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-23
39 [TheKoreaTimes] D&S Technology draws attention with roadblock system at SECON 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-21
38 [Construction BRIEFING] What’s next for modular construction? 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-21
37 [The Korea Times] Korea, Saudi Arabia bolster economic ties in construction, clean energy, smart city tech 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-03-12
36 [Pulse] Eugene obtains eco-friendly concrete certifications 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-02-27
35 [Pulse] Hyundai to sell concrete pump trucks in North America 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-02-27
34 [Pulse] SILKROAD C&T to develop carbon-neutral materials 아시아 콘크리트 엑스포 2024-02-27
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