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Effective Date January 1, 2021

Article 1. Definition of terms
  • 01.An "Exhibitor" refers to individuals, companies, institutions, and groups that have submitted an application form and paid the participation fee to participate in the exhibition exhibitors.
  • 02.An "Exhibition" refers to the “Asia Concrete Expo Korea."
  • 03.A "Supervisor" refers to KINTEX Co. Ltd.
Article 2. Application and the Agreement
  • 01.A person who wants to apply to participate shall complete this application form and pay the full participation fee to the Supervisor within ten days of submission. After the application for participation is submitted, the agreement on the participation shall be deemed to be established at the Supervisor's approval.
  • 02.The participation fee is USD 1,923 /1 booth for an independent booth, USD 2,300/1 booth for an assembly booth, and USD 3,200 /1 booth for a premium booth.(VAT not included).
  • 03.The construction of subsidiary facilities and assembly booths are provided by the Supervisor according to the Exhibitor’s application. If there is any change made in the application form, it should be notified to the Supervisor immediately. Exhibitor shall be responsible for disadvantages caused by not notifying.
  • 04.Exhibitor shall immediately notify the Supervisor if there are any changes to the subsidiary facility application's contents. Exhibitor shall be responsible for disadvantages caused by not notifying.
Article 3. Allocation of exhibition booths
  • 01.Supervisor shall allocate exhibition locations according to the order of application, payment of participation fee, and exhibits.
  • 02.In principle, Supervisor shall allocate booths regarding the harmony of the exhibition hall space, the viewing efficiency, and the exhibition effect. However, if it is deemed necessary for the exhibition's overall operation, the Supervisor may change the Exhibitor’s booth location that was already allocated. Such a change is at the Supervisor's discretion, and Exhibitor cannot object to the result of the change.
Article 4. A Management of exhibition room
  • 01.Exhibitor must display the exhibits specified in the application form and arrange permanent staff to manage their own booth with sincerity and sincerity.
  • 02.If the Exhibitor displays items that are different from the exhibits specified in the application form or exhibits items that do not conform to the nature of the exhibit, or if direct sales activities without the Supervisor's permission are found, the Supervisor may immediately suspend the exhibition, demolish them, or take them out of the exhibition. In this case, the participation fee is not refundable, and the Exhibitor cannot claim compensation accordingly.
  • 03.Supervisor may restrict the entry of certain people to the exhibition hall if necessary.
  • 04.Exhibitor may not display exhibits at venues other than the exhibition area rented without the Supervisor's permission.
  • 05.Exhibitor shall not sublet all or part of the allocated exhibition area without Supervisor’s written consent in advance.
  • 06.If Exhibitor wishes to perform special activities (eg. events, etc.) within the exhibition hall, he/she shall notify the Supervisor in advance and obtain approval. Touting or loud singing is strictly prohibited. If excessive noise or something is judged to damage the surrounding booths' promotion activities, the Supervisor may claim to stop the activities, and the Exhibitor must implement it immediately.
  • 07.Exhibitor is prohibited from doing any activities that may damage the original state, such as painting the floor, ceiling, pillars, walls, etc. of the exhibition room. In the event of damage to the exhibition hall resulting from these activities, the Exhibitor shall return the damages to the original state. The Supervisor may claim for the damage.
Article 5. Payment Conditions
  • 01.Exhibitor must apply for the application form online. When applying online, the completion of applying for the exhibition booth shall be the time to submit the participation application form.
  • 02.Exhibitor must pay the full participation fee within ten days after receiving an invoice.
  • 03.If the Exhibitor does not pay the full participation fee within the period, the Supervisor may cancel the participation agreement. In this case, the Exhibitor cannot request a refund of the down payment. This case shall be handled under the provisions of Articles 6 and 7 of this Agreement.
Article 6. Cancellation or Change of the Exhibition
  • 01.If the Supervisor cancels the event, the full amount of the paid participation fee shall be returned to the Exhibitor. However, if the exhibition is canceled due to force majeure or other special circumstances not attributable to the Supervisor, the paid participation fee shall not be returned. In this case, the Exhibitor cannot claim compensation from the Supervisor.
Article 7. Cancellation in the Exhibition and Cancellation Fee
  • 01.If the Exhibitor cancels the agreed participation in the Exhibition, the Exhibitor shall immediately give the Supervisor written notice of the cancellation.
  • 02.Cancellation fee and the refund policy based on the cancellation notification is as follows;
  • Cancellation before Mar. 31. 2024: No Cancellation Fee

    Cancellation before Aug. 30. 2024: 50% of the participation fee shall be paid as a cancellation fee

    Cancellation after Aug. 30. 2024: 100% of the participation fee shall be paid as a cancellation fee

  • If a participating company cancels part or all of the agreed exhibition area under Article 36 of the Framework Act on the Management of Disasters and Safety (Korean Law) or is declared a state of disaster, KINTEX may consider exempting the penalty on the premise of a commitment to participate in the next year.
Article 8. Display of equipment and exhibits
  • 01.Exhibitor must bring in and display equipment and exhibits within the allocated exhibition area within the designated period.
    If the exhibit display is not completed by 6 pm on Tuesday, October 15, 2024, the Supervisor may terminate this Agreement and claim the damage accordingly.
Article 9.Export of Exhibits and Equipment
  • 01.Exhibitor must carry out all exhibits and fixtures within the designated period. If the Exhibitor delays in carrying out, he/she shall pay the overall expenses (miscellaneous expenses for using an exhibition hall additionally), rent, maintenance fees, water, and water/light/heat expenses to the Supervisor immediately.
Article 10. Expenses, Risks Bearing and Insurance for the Exhibition Venue
  • 01.Supervisor shall take appropriate security measures (under exhibition regulations of KINTEX) for Exhibitors and visitors.
  • 02.Exhibitors shall fully take responsibility for damage to and theft of the fixtures and exhibits within the allocated area during the exhibition period and the period of demolishing equipment.
  • 03.Suppose the Exhibitor causes a fire, theft, damage, or other accidents by intention or negligence and creates damage to the Supervisor or others. In that case, the Exhibitor shall be fully responsible for compensation. The Exhibitor shall also be responsible for insurance status for exhibits.
Article 11. Code of Fire Prevention
  • 01.Fixtures and all materials in the exhibition hall must be properly non-flammable under the Fire Services Act.
  • 02.The Supervisor may request the Exhibitor to make a correction related to fire prevention if necessary.
Article 12. Supplementary Regulations
  • 01.The Supervisor shall enact supplementary regulations not specified in the participation regulations if necessary. And the Exhibitor must comply with them.
  • 02.The supplementary regulations shall become part of the participation regulations, and Exhibitor must comply with them.
  • 03.Exhibitor shall comply with the rules and regulations of KINTEX exhibition halls.
Article 13. Collection of Credits
  • 01.After the Exhibitions is finished, the Supervisor may entrust the collection of the relevant bonds to the person entrusted with the collection of bonds if there is any outstanding bond among the bonds generated by the Exhibition.
  • 02.In the case of Paragraph 1 of this Article, information related to the debtor may be delivered to the trustee of the debt collection.
Article 14. Dispute Resolution
  • 01.Disputes arising between the Supervisor and the Exhibitor regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions of participation and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the arbitration and decision of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board, and the decision cannot be filed with the court.